Intensify Your Workouts with Resistance Bands

Looking to take your workouts up a notch? One simple way to intensify exercises is by adding resistance bands. Although often underestimated, these rubber bands can add as much as 150 pounds of resistance! They may seem like a light weight piece of equipment, but they can be and extremely effective way to build strength and maximise your power by combining them with weight training. 



You may now be wondering, how can these elastic bands of rubber pack such a punch? Well, resistance bands work in magic in two key ways:


Resistance bands are most commonly used to exercise with acsending strength curves, meaning that the rep becomes easier as you approach full extension. Think of squats as an example. The beginning of the exercise is the hardest part and requires the most output of strength. When you reach the top of the exercise, the tension is released from your muscles and allows for a bit of a breather before reversing the movement and starting again. However, resistance bands keep the tension on your muscles for the entire range of motion. So no brief moments of relief - your muscles will be on fire the entire time.


Not only do you maintain tension on your muscles for longer, but the word increases as you reach the apex of the lift (or full extension). The band stretches further and further as you move through the rap, forcing your muscles to continue to contract rather than take a break. As you can imagine, this is a fantastic way to intensify classic exercise and work your muscles to the max.