Joel’s Personal Fitness Journey

The New Year’s Resolution that changed Joel’s world. In December 2007, Joel woke up from a night out with handcuffs on and four police officers standing over him. This was a complete low in his life and when he realised something had to change drastically.

In his early 20s, Joel was just going through the motions with no goals and zero drive. He was trying to escape his life and find happiness through alcohol and a party lifestyle. It was in 2008 where Joel made a new years resolution to remove alcohol for 12 months and give up his toxic lifestyle, focusing instead on health and fitness. Hitting rock bottom allowed Joel to find his passion as he fell in love with learning how to train the body and fuel it with natural nutrition. Fast track to now, his life purpose and mission is to help others achieve the same direction through tools and techniques he created to achieve maximum results in the natural way.

Remember, regret nothing and appreciate all that you are and have become. 



  1. First things first, you are number one and are capable of anything that you put your mind to! If someone else has achieved it, then so can you
  2. Don't judge or compare yourself to others (your only competition is you)
  3. Remind yourself that anything is possible if you put in the effort and want it bad enough
  4. Remember EVERYTHING happens for a reason, good or bad - it is just meant to be
  5. Set SMART goals, whether it be to better yourself at something or to make positive changes (write them down, don’t just think about it)
  6. Give everything a go, be adventurous and live life to the fullest
  7. If it makes you feel good DO IT! 



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