Recover Original
Recover Original

Recover Original

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Recover Original

The NEW & improved Glutamine blend

Wondering why you train like a machine but still don’t have that six pack?

STRESS (cortisol) plays a huge role in storing body fat ESPECIALLY around your midsection.

This can be stress from training, over training, your mind or just general day to day life without you even realising.

Cortisol (stress) is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland as a part of your daily hormone cycle & TNT Fuel RECOVER can help aid in reducing this.

TNT Fuel RECOVER contains Glutamine, Vitamine C, Magnesium & Zinc & the benefits of this product are endless:

    • Aid exercise recovery
    • Increasing muscle protein synthesis and cell volume
    • Boosts immune system
    • Prevent & treat a common cold
    • Boost your absorption of iron
    • Help with gut health & digestion
    • Reduces stress levels
    • Increases daily energy
    • Reduce cravings for sugar & alcohol
    • Improves athletic performance & recovery
    • Improves memory & focus
    • Increases metabolism
    • Detoxification
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Assists in fighting cancer
    • Improves skin quality
    • Help to prevent diabetes
    • Helps to heal sores & wounds
    • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
    • Promotes lean muscle growth
    • Calms your nervous system
    • Supports normal growth during pregnancy
    • Great for women menstruating
    • Boosts libido
    • The list goes on.

Best time to take powdered form TNT Fuel RECOVER is when your cortisol is high - that's “post workout”, if you ever feel anxious to calm your nerves and before bed.

More information on how to best use this supplement is on the nutrition label & in your FREE TNT EBook (worth $99.99) with your purchase.

TNT has been working alongside food scientists for many years now to create this perfect immune boosting/recovery blend to enhance your results & to ensure you’re fuelling your body with the best quality supplements as your results are TNT’s number 1 priority.

Moral of the story TNT Fuel RECOVER will assist you to get that six pack you’re looking for, help speed up your recovery, calm your nervous system & boost your immunity for a stronger, healthier & happier life.