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Transform your body and mind in 4 weeks from home with minimal equipment!

During these tough times of uncertainty, it’s SO important to stay connected and make your health a priority. We’re here to help you keep active, stay healthy and feel supported at home. No gym? No problem! We’ll provide you with all of the tools needed to reach your goals and achieve the body of your dreams!

You’ll receive access to 4 weeks of home training programs, a dietician approved Meal Plan, accountability check-ins, online support, educational content plus so much more.

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  • Structured training & nutrition program you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Convenient and suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • Accountability through weekly checkins & online community.
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Workout with our customised training program to sculpt and shape your body according to your specific goals and lifestyle. Our dynamic workouts can be completed in the comfort of your own home.


Dietician approved meal plan suited to your body type, goals and dietary requirements. You’ll never be bored or stuck for ideas with nutrient-dense and delicious recipes accessible at your fingertips.


Educational hub of articles and videos to support and motivate you at each step of your transformation journey. TNT believes in not only helping you transform your body, but also your mind.


As a TNT Transformer you are never alone. You will be supported every step of the way by the TNT team, and thousands of TNT Transformers just like you. Stay accountable with weekly check-ins and online support.



    Log on to your personalised dashboard and access your training program anytime it suits you.


    Work out at home, outside, or in the gym. Log on to your personalised dashboard and access your training program with just a phone, computer or tablet.


    Your customised training program is designed to suit you & your specific goals. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or strip fat, your personalised program will help you achieve sustainable results.

build your strength



    Your tailored meal plan and recipes are approved by our in house dietician. The nutrient-dense and well-balanced meals ensure you hit your nutritional goals.


    Our quick and simple meals are designed to improve your metabolism, help you burn fat and build lean muscle. They’re simple, easy to make and will help turn you into a fat burning machine.


    Your meal plan is tailored to suit your goals and dietary requirements. You’ll never be bored with a variety of recipes and healthy alternatives to help keep your nutrition on track.

nutrition made easy



    Chat directly with the TNT team from your personalised dashboard. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.


    Be apart of the TNT community. We are here to support and inspire each other, every step of the way.


    Access mindset and educational articles & videos to help support and keep you motivated throughout your transformation

24 hour support


Thousands of amazing TNT Transformers have changed their lives.
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TNT Lockdown FAQ

Is this program for me?
✅ Are you a new or returning member?
✅ Are you training from home?
✅ Do you want to trial TNT’s lifestyle before subscribing?
✅ Do you want 4 weeks of the best transformation program on the market with no strings attached?
What is the difference from TNT’s Transformation Program?
New and returning membersAll members
One off payment of $114.99aud $29.99aud per week with no lock in contract
Home specific training guideHome and Gym Training Guides
4 weeks of Fresh workoutsOngoing Fresh Workouts
4 weeks Dashboard AccessOngoing Dashboard Access
Online SupportOnline Support
Dietician Approved Meal PlanDietician Approved Meal Plan
Accountability Check-insAccountability Check-ins
What if I’m already subscribed?
Amazing! You’re already receiving all of the benefits of the TNT Lockdown plus more! However, as always, you do have the opportunity to cancel your current subscription and lockdown at home with TNT for 4 weeks at $114.99aud.
What results will I expect if I don't need to lose weight?
Your fitness goals are personal and always evolving! Whether it be to increase strength, increase energy, or simply to just feel even better than you do now, TNT LOCKDOWN will take not only your physique, but your whole life to a whole new level!
I'm a beginner, is this suitable?
Absolutely, if you’re new to training, TNT LOCKDOWN caters for all levels, whether you’re a professional athlete or new to the gym, we’ve got you covered with online support and customer service that can tailor your program to suit your fitness level.
What equipment will I need?
All you’ll need is a 5kg set of dumbbells for women, a set of 10kg dumbbells for men, a skipping rope, a drink bottle + a smile on your dial!
What kind of training can I expect and how often will my program be updated?
Your program will consist of 4 resistance sessions per week, 2 cardio and 1 active recovery day. You will receive a new program every week to shock the body and really get the most out of this program.
Can I pause my current TNT subscription to complete the challenge.
Yes, we will do this automatically for you when the program starts.
Can I take part if I don’t live in Australia?
Yes - TNT LOCKDOWN is open to participants worldwide.
Do you have an app?
The online dashboard allows you to access all your information in one convenient place and you can be saved to your phone homescreen:
Training Program
Dietitian Approved Meal Plan
Educational Resources
Online Check-ins
Support Chat
I have dietary requirements, can these be catered for?
TNT LOCKDOWN meal plans are dietitian approved and also cater for:
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
How much accountability and support will I receive?
Stay accountable with weekly check-ins and chat directly with the TNT team from your personalised dashboard. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and support and inspire each other, every step of the way.
What supplements are recommended during TNT LOCKDOWN?
Although it is not a requirement to take your results to the next level we recommend our Ultimate Transformation Pack! Offering some of the highest grade natural ingredients available, you will get our Ignite Pro, Ignite Plus and the new Ignition - helping you reach your goals faster!
Can I participate if I have a medical condition OR are pregnant/breastfeeding?
We advise you receive medical clearance from your doctor prior to participating. Once you have received clearance, we will try to cater to your needs/requirements and would love you to join TNT LOCKDOWN!