WPI Choc Cherry Ripe

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This 100% natural New Zealand grass fed Whey is by far the purest and cleanest protein supplement on the market with…

ZERO added sugars

ZERO colours

ZERO artificial flavourings

ZERO gums or numbers

The best part about TNT Fuel WPI is that is has no added nasties that make you feel bloated and lethargic, no sweeteners, numbers or gums, it's gluten free and it still tastes AMAZING. 

Most people who have had issues with being lactose intolerant have been pleasantly surprised with how easily digestible it is & had no issues with the minimal lactose quantity in TNT Fuel WPI.

Only 3 ingredients: 

  • Whey protein isolate 
  • Natural flavouring
  • Organic stevia

All flavourings are 100% natural

There are no fillers, thickeners, gums or unnecessary products added to TNT Fuel WPI so your body can digest and absorb the protein and the essential amino acids.


TNT Fuel WPI has a high ratio of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) that actually make up one third of your muscle mass so these are extremely important for efficient muscle toning/weight loss results! Our bodies do not produce these essential amino acids, thus we have to receive them from protein food choices and conveniently through this WPI.

TNT Fuel WPI is the perfect supplement to have pre and post workout. TNT Fuel WPI is the ideal supplement for a busy lifestyle as it can be used as a delicious, easy snack on the run or added to a meal to boost lean protein content & increase your metabolism! 

More information on how to best use this supplement is on the nutrition label & in your FREE TNT EBook (worth $99.99) with your purchase.