Transform with Resistance Training

Resistance training (also known as strength training) is an important part of any fitness routine. Resistance training is based on the principle of using resistance to muscular contraction to build strength and anaerobic endurance. 

Benefits of Resistance Training 

There are multiple ongoing benefits achieved through resistance training including: 

  • Improved muscular strength and tone. 
  • Improved mobility, balance, and posture. 
  • Maintaining flexibility and balance. 

Examples of Resistance Training

There are many different examples of resistance training. Some include: 

  • Free weights - a staple gym or at-home training using dumbbells, a barbell, or kettlebells.
  • Weight machines - effective training tools that assist with producing overall muscular strength and power. 
  • Resistance bands - a great way to incorporate harder workouts without using free weights. These bands are durable and can be used in just about any movement. 

How many times should you be completing a resistance workout?

There are various principles of resistance training that are important for creating beneficial a resistance training program. Some of these elements include:

  • Weight and exercises. The particular movements will be different for each person based on a variety of factors.
  • Repetitions and sets. Depending on your fitness goal, the number of reps and sets in your program will differ. Typically, lower reps with higher weight increase muscle mass, whereas high reps with lower weight assist with increasing muscular endurance. 

Depending on your current fitness level, we recommend beginners complete two to three workouts per week, intermediates with three workouts per week, and complete advanced gym-goers complete four to six workouts. 

The number of repetitions should stay between 8 - 12 and you should aim to target 8 major muscle groups over your weekly workouts. 

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