TNT Hall Of Transformers

Joel Bushby, The Natural Transformer, is transforming hundreds of people every day naturally, safely and effectively. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing people transform their world on the programs that I have personally built and this will ALWAYS be TNT's number 1 priority.

TNT Transformations

Check out these amazing transformations from people on the TNT online coaching system

Brooke Miller

Lost 34kg

My name's Brooke and I'm 29 years old. I have spent my whole adult life livng with weight and body image issues as a result of an underactive thyroid condition called hashimotos, as well as binge and emotional eating. When I signed up to TNT Sep 2017 I weighed 110kg and was a size 18, I had zero self confidence and was dealing with anxiety. On the program I have completely transformed. I have lost 40kg and am now a size 8, significantly decreased body fat and increased muscle mass, lost a ridiculous amount of cm's (30cm off chest, 40 off waist and 50 on hips) and gained so much energy and zest for life. My thyroid antibody levels have dropped from 4000 to 300 and my thyroid health is the best it's ever been. My mindset has been overhauled, I bounce out of bed everyday ready to take on the world and anxiety levels have decreased drastically. My self confidence has skyrocketed, ive released my inner child and learnt how to have fun again, I'm a whole new person and my future ahead is so bright and limitless.

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Faye Cuthbertson

49, working mum of five

My name is Faye, I am 49 years old, and a working mum of five. Since joining the TNT program in May 2018, I have dropped from 83kg to 66kg. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10. Not only have I dropped in weight and size, but completely changed shape. My energy levels have skyrocketed and my confidence has gone through the roof. Not only have I now started my own business, but I actually modelled my own activewear on the online store. I have received heaps of compliments, including "wow, look how buff you are!" My fitness level is at the highest it has ever been. I didn't think that would possible at this stage of my life...and it's only the beginning

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Hamish Jones

45 years old, Newcastle

When I first signed up with TNT, I set out to shred body fat while building muscle, have more energy and zest about my day to day life, a clearer mindset and headspace, look and feel better about myself leaving the house every day, plus I also wanted the pure aesthetics of annihilating body issues I'd had all my life - I wanted abs! I have achieved all of this and more under Joel's guidance and advice, I've also picked up modelling work! The TNT program is always changing, consistently upgraded to keep progress perpetual and training always excitingly new. TNT isn't a fad that comes and goes, it's a lifestyle for life.

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Ashley Cooper


My name is Ashley and I’ve been on my TNT journey for 8 months now. Since being on the TNT program I have managed to lose 34kg in the first 6 months. I didn’t even realise I had that much weight to lose! I joined the program with the intent to lose a little weight and feel more comfortable in my clothes but I have experienced so many more benefits than I had ever imagined! I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and now have a new goal of adding some bulk. My clothing sizes have gone from XXL shirts and 42” waist. Now I’m in mediums shirts and a lose fitting 32” waist. I have been an asthmatic most of my life taking both preventative and instant relief medication. I now take no medication at all. I also suffered from mild depression and high anxiety and they are all but gone! Not to mention my energy levels are now through the roof! Never in my life have I been this healthy. Exercise and nutrition has now become a priority.

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