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TNT Success Stories

Troy Morris, 37, QLD -

Near on 2 years ago I set out to find an online fitness & lifestyle coach not knowing what to expect. After months of research and deliberation I contacted Joel and have never looked back.

The TNT approach to training and diet has literally changed my life. I am 37 years young and in the best shape of my life, but more importantly, Joel’s infectious, generous and inspiring outlook on life has adjusted my entire attitude. I am  happier, more positive and more ambitious than ever.

I never expected much from an online coach, but Joel has become a friend and his support through some pretty dark times has meant the world to me and genuinely helped me in more ways than he knows.

Joel is more than a trainer, he’s a life coach, he’s a mate


Vikki Ireland, 34, WA - 

I have been living and breathing the TNT lifestyle for approximately 10 months and I can not speak more highly of everything the brand encompasses, such as positive thinking, self belief, the training, the nutrition, the natural supplements and most of all, the man himself. 
Four months after giving birth to my beautiful son, I realised I was in the worst shape of my life physically, which was affecting me mentally.. I had been back in the gym for about 2 months, but not seeing any difference. The Natural Transformer popped up on my newsfeed and after looking through many of his client transformations, I said to myself, "If they can do it, so can I". 
I contacted him immediately and I can honestly say, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 
I superseded my expectations within the first twelve weeks and knew at that point, I was going to live the TNT lifestyle forever. Joel is an unbelievable support who truly and genuinely believes in his clients. His knowledge and support is beyond anything I can put into words. 
The best part is, my 14 month old son eats the exact same nutrition as myself. He is always happy, full of energy and is thriving, physically and intellectually. TNT is more than just a fitness and nutrition plan, TNT is a Family. 

Hamish Jones, 44, NSW -

For 5 months now I've been on a TNT Body Transformation training and nutrition program. It doesn't just change your body, it'll change your whole life!
All my life, I never thought I could have abs. Now I'm 44 years old and have abs!
I've found I also feel happier, with more zest, purpose and clarity of mind every day. The benefits are just as much psychological as they are physical. 


Keith O'Fallon, 32, USA -

From the first time I saw the TNT page on Instagram, I was blown away with all the amazing transformations. People of all ages and body types were changing their lives incredibly. Of course transformation photos are always inspiring to look at, but they can sometimes be misleading if you only see the final product. So I started following him awhile and noticed TNT was not only sharing progression photos, but also how these specific changes were being tailored to his individual clients. Since I do a lot of international travel for work, I knew that I also needed a coach that understood how to get and maintain results while on the road. Seeing how Joel is always off on world adventures and leading by example, I knew this was the type of program that could help me reach my goals.

Without even knowing Joel personally, you can tell this guy loves life. The positivity and relentless drive is what you want in a fitness coach. I like to consider myself fairly disciplined, but having him in my corner took it to a whole new level. Immediately after signing up, we discussed my goals and what I hoped to get from the program. He knew exactly where to go with me. He sent me a personalised nutrition guide that broke down exactly what would give me maximum results. Since I was in a bit of a unique situation with my travels, I wasn't always able to get everything on the meal plan. But a quick email to Joel and he'd send me options for me to substitute to meet my macros. It was challenging, but I learned a ton about nutrition/supplements and how to keep it consistent without completely losing my social life.

The intensity and frequency of the workouts changed throughout my 12 weeks. The balance of cardio and resistance training would change based on my weekly progression photos and how I was feeling on strength and energy levels. I felt like Joel could see things that I couldn't. Honestly, I was skeptical at times, but decided to put my trust in Joel and listen to the pro. I had plenty of questions about techniques, movements, resistance levels, etc. and he would always have an answer to keep my workouts improving.

As the weeks passed, I could see and feel the progress we were making and that motivated me more than all my years of working out on my own.

Overall the best part of working with TNT was the support and feedback. When you work with Joel you can tell this was what he was meant to do. His passion and investment in your goals is genuine and energetic. When I was working with him, I was on the other side of the world and yet I always had his guidance whenever I needed it. When I finished my 12 week program, I decided to sign up for another 12 weeks to continue to learn and improve. I'm far from done with my fitness journey, but these past 6 months of learning the TNT lifestyle have been beyond beneficial. I feel like I've learned to maintain a balanced lifestyle that can actually make a difference. So far I'm feeling great and can't wait to see what's to come. My newfound confidence, knowledge and inspiration is what TNT is all about for me.

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