TNT Fuel Supplements

I am an advocate for healthy, natural living and I want the very best for my clients, so I created an essential selection of natural supplements designed to fuel your body, increase vitality and help you achieve the best possible results from your training program.

It's difficult to find a supplement range that is free from chemicals or artificial additives, but TNT FUEL supplements are 100% pure and natural, made from the highest-quality ingredients available.

The Natural Transformer - Joel Bushby

Limited Edition TNT Detox Pack

TNT DETOX PACK Everything you need for results is right here in this supplement pack, wether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or increase energy. What it Includes: 1kg WPI or Plant Protein Powder (Your choice of flavoured WPI or plant protein powder) 200g IGNITE (Fat burner) flavoured 200g RECOVER (Immune booster) Limited Edition TNT 950ml water...

Limited Edition TNT Water Bottle

Keeping your beverage 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot. Water bottle benefits Double-wall vacuum insulated Copper coated triple insulation No sweat bottle Leak-proof BPA free 18/8 stainless steel


TNT Fuel IGNITE If you’re looking to lose that unwanted body fat and increase your metabolism then TNT fuels IGNITE has the perfect fat burning ingredients that is naturally sweetened & coloured to make a delicious and refreshing drink to have daily to enhance your results and increase your energy. Here are 10 amazing examples of how IGNITE can assist with...


TNT Fuel RECOVER The NEW & improved Glutamine blend Wondering why you train like a machine but still don’t have that six pack? STRESS (cortisol) plays a huge role in storing body fat ESPECIALLY around your midsection. This can be stress from training, over training, your mind or just general day to day life without you even realising. Cortisol (stress)...


This 100% natural New Zealand grass fed Whey is by far the purest and cleanest protein supplement on the market with… ZERO added sugars ZERO colours ZERO artificial flavourings ZERO gums or numbers The best part about TNT Fuel WPI is that is has no added nasties that make you feel bloated and lethargic, no sweeteners, numbers or gums, it's...

Plant Protein 1kg

100% natural great tasting plant-based protein with full balanced amino acid profile. Aid muscle recovery and growth, assist fat loss, boost immunity, balance hormones and increase your energy & vitality with this highly-digestible pea & rice protein blend. NO animal products NO soy, wheat, gluten or lactose NO artificial colours, flavours or additives NATURAL CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR

TNT Singlet

Proudly rep the TNT lifestyle with a quality 100% cotton unisex tank shirt.