The Natural Transformer

I have been apart of so many life changing stories and I believe everyone has greatness in them, sometimes it's just a matter of someone believing in them.

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Joel Bushby

Understanding my passion

My Story

Back in 2008 I started living my passion helping others achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

Before I first began my journey as a fitness professional, it was extremely scary for me to give up a perfectly secure job and leave all of my closest friends, move away and to find the confidence to begin chasing my dreams.

In my first year of starting my own business, I fell into a debt of over $100,000 due to a mortgage, other loans, cost of living and having no clients. Everyone around me told me to go back to my trade and return to “real work” but I had a vision and knew that I WOULD succeed.

Growing up in school I found it really hard to comprehend or concentrate as I was dyslexic, hyperactive & had an extremely short attention span.

This made me very uncomfortable being locked in a classroom for seven hours a day and got myself into a lot of trouble. I had to repeat a year in school because academically I couldn’t keep up. I was expelled from two different high schools and was told by numerous teachers & principals that I wouldn't amount to anything in life. At that time I believed this was true.

It took me 26 years to find my passion & to build up the confidence to believe in myself and now years later have the opportunity to be anywhere in the world at anytime.

I have discovered a whole new found confidence and belief in myself in which I now pass on to others to begin transforming their worlds.

I am now the owner of the TNT Fuel natural supplement range and mentor personal trainers all over Australia and have also built the most effective online coaching program that is transforming more lives around the world than any other method on the market.

I’ve now been apart of so many life changing stories and believe that everyone has greatness in them, sometimes it’s just a matter of someone believing you.

I believe in you!

Personal Achievements Include
  • Judge & Ambassador International Natural Bodybuilding Association
  • Cover model of 'Men’s Muscle & Health’ Magazine
  • Fitness expert/guru for 'Profile' magazine
  • 2014 INBA Australian Titles 1st place (bodybuilding)
  • 2013 INBA 1st place fitness model
  • 2013 Two Titles in North Queensland both 1st place (fitness)
  • 2013 North Queensland Titles 2nd place (bodybuilding)
  • 2012 Australian Titles opens 2nd place (bodybuilding)
  • 2012 Brisbane Titles intermediate 3rd place (bodybuilding)
  • 2011 Universe Titles novice 4th place (bodybuilding)
  • 2011 Queensland Titles novice 5th place (bodybuilding)