How To Overcome Gym-Timidation!

There is no doubt that the gym can be and intimidating place when you don't feel as though you belong. If the vision of super-fit gym junkies pumping out reps double your body weight is overwhelming, you're certainly not alone! 

Gym anxiety is an obstacle that many people need to leap over when they start going to the gym. But don't let it become a fear that consumes you and hold you back from your health and fitness goals. Here are five ways you can conquer your gym-timidation and train with confidence in no time!



The first step to overcoming any gym jitters is to hone in on what they’re stemming from. From this point, you can create strategies to specifically address these worries. Some common concerns that people experiencing gym anxiety are:

  • Uncertainty about how to train or how to use the equipment
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Feelings of being judged
  • Not feeling “fit enough” to belong

Try catching the worries and thoughts that run through your mind when you're in the gym and drop them down. He may be feeling one, two, all of the above, and that's okay! Find logical solutions for each worry and you'll be able to calm yourself down when you start to feel overwhelmed.



If crowds of people working out makes you nervous, don't go at peak hours. Talk to the receptionist at the front desk and ask them what their business hours are. This may mean adjusting your timetable and training during a late lunch break or waking up earlier than usual to miss those coming in before work. You may only need to do this for the first few sessions to help you build up your confidence with new equipment and exercises.



Facing the gym alone might leave you feeling vulnerable to the judgement of others, so bring a friend along with you! The company will distract you from your worries and if your gym buddy is a bit more experience in the gym, they can show you the ropes. Plus, you've got someone to hold you accountable – so no excuses! 



Don't go into your workoutS blind. Plan out your program and memorise it or keep it in your phone notes. This will help keep you focused on your current exercise and what you need to prepare for next rather than standing around feeling lost. Get in, get out!


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