Motivation and discipline are both important terms to understand in health and fitness. The easy part of setting fitness goals is understanding what we want to achieve and having a deep level of motivation. However, why is it that individuals fail to stay consistent with healthy eating and exercise?

Motivation vs Discipline?

Most people confuse motivation and discipline as interchangeable terms. Where in fact, both terms are very different. It’s important not to confuse the terms, as becoming motivated is not as challenging as becoming disciplined.

Motivation can be described as when you want to achieve something, your internal reasoning to put you on the path to achieving this goal is motivation. Discipline is the amount of effort you put into reaching that goal, is discipline. 

3 Simple Steps to Build Self-Discipline

Set goals 

Setting specific short and long-term goals will help you stay on track and keep motivated.

Our biggest tip is to start by achieving smaller goals and ensure your goals are measurable. For example, “I want to aim to go to the gym more,” is not specific and we guarantee you will stick with bad habits. Whereas, “I will go to the gym 3 times a week,” is specific. Changing your language to measurable goals will be more likely to achieve a positive outcome and create new habits. 


Workout with an accountability partner

Working out with a partner not only helps you stay accountable, but you can have a lot of fun too. You’re more likely to reach your goals with a partner cheering you on in your journey. 

Make sure your partner is at a similar fitness level, or in better shape than you are. The boost in motivation and extra support will also help you lift heavier weights and push yourself to the next level.


Reward yourself

Being rewarded can be a powerful incentive to continue along your journey. Set up rewards for hitting smaller milestones along the way. Incentives can be from losing 5kg, to lifting a particular weight or completing a target number of gym sessions. Personal incentives can be a great way to also boost motivation and keep on track. 

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