Shred Pro Iced Coffee: Flavour, Energy, and Wellness In One!

Shred Pro Iced Coffee Protein – the perfect fusion of your favourite stimulant and a powerhouse of benefits to elevate your daily routine. We all love our coffee, the trusty companion helping us power through the day. However, excessive consumption of certain coffee types can bring along drawbacks like headaches, insomnia, and irritability.

At The Natural Transformer, we've crafted a game-changer – our limited edition Shred Pro Iced Coffee Protein. It's not just a treat for your taste buds; it's a blend that not only mimics the real coffee experience but also delivers a punch of energy while steering clear of the common pitfalls. And guess what? We've taken it up a notch by infusing it with Australia's top functional coffee: Beforeyouspeak Performance Coffee.


Why you need Shred Pro Iced Coffee in your life:

  • Assists Fat Utilization: How your body breaks down fats into smaller molecules.

  • TNT Fat Burning Matrix: Ingredients that convert, stubborn, unwanted body fat stores into energy.

  • High in Protein - Low in Carbs: Assists in meeting daily protein needs.

  • Natural Thermogenesis: Thermoregulation, maintaining healthy metabolism, and body weight control. 

  • Natural Appetite Suppressant: Curb hunger and cravings!


Ingredient List Breakdown: How the magic happens

Now, you might be curious about how one beverage can pack such a punch. Let's break it down with the key ingredients that make Shred Pro Iced Coffee your go-to for a wholesome and beneficial pick-me-up.


Organic Fermented Pea Protein

Plant-based protein source, promoting muscle repair and growth with organic goodness.


Organic Fermented Brown Rice Protein

A natural protein boost, derived from brown rice, for sustained energy and muscle support.


Organic Sacha Inchi Protein

Harnessing the power of Sacha Inchi seeds for a complete protein profile and overall well-being.


Pumpkin Protein (as Smooth Protein™)

Smooth Protein™ derived from pumpkins, contributing to a creamy texture and plant-based protein punch.


Beforeyouspeak Coffee Blend®

Australia's leading functional coffee blend, elevating your coffee experience with added performance benefits.


Coconut Oil Powder

Natural source of healthy fats, derived from coconuts, providing sustained energy and satiety.


Natural Flavours

Delightful taste enhancers sourced from nature, ensuring a delicious and enjoyable drinking experience.


Acetyl L-Carnitine

Amino acid supports energy production, aiding in fat utilization for enhanced fitness results.


Theacrine (as TeaCrine®)

Natural compound offering sustained energy and mental focus without the jitters.


Green Tea Extract 25

Extracted from green tea leaves, a powerful antioxidant and metabolism booster for a healthier you.



Natural sweetener, adding sweetness without the calories, for a guilt-free indulgence.


Magnesium Citrate

Essential mineral promoting muscle function, nerve health, and overall well-being.



Enzyme from pineapple, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption for a happy gut.


So there you have it, that’s how the magic happens with Shred Pro Iced Coffee Protein! And remember, it's a limited edition product that's flying off the shelves! For more details check out the Shred Pro Iced Coffee page or chat to our team of in-house nutritionists to help you maximise your wellness needs! Contact us today!


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