Tips for exercising whilst on your period

Guys, you might want to keep scrolling on this one!

Ladies, let’s have some real talk for a moment. When your period rolls around, how many of us are jumping out of bed to pump out a workout at the gym? We’ll hazard a guess and say: not many. No, snuggling up on the couch under mountains of blankets with our favourite show, a heat pack, a hot choccy and some much-needed treats sounds much more appealing.

But more often than not, this won’t actually make you feel better!

When your hormones are all over the place and even when you’re experiencing some aches and pains, the best thing you can do - both mentally and physically - is stay somewhat active with your routine.

So, today we’re going over some tips to help make exercising through this time of the month a bit more manageable, so then you can come back and enjoy that much-deserved downtime in front of the telly with a sense of accomplishment!

Stay hydrated - 3L Ladies!!

We should always be drinking water and staying hydrated but when we’re on our period, our body is doing a LOT, so it’s especially important to keep up with the basics. It sounds like a lot, but we should be drinking 3L of water per day. If you struggle with this, sometimes finding a great water bottle is a little incentive to help keep you motivated to drink more water! Or, you can add lemon or other fresh fruits to give it a bit of flavour. You’ll notice a boost in your energy levels as you keep your fluids up as well!

Up your magnesium

This will do you WONDERS. We recommend including magnesium in your supplement kits all the time, but especially during this time of the month. Magnesium powders are a bit stronger and will help relax your muscles and help you feel calmer overall. To really up your self-care game (which we strongly recommend you do!) a magnesium bath will go a long way to helping you feel the best you can during this time.

Modify your movements

Now, when we say ‘keep up your routine’, we’re not saying ‘keep up your intensity’. Instead, drop down the weight, speed or reps and just flow through the movements, keeping your focus on perfect technique.

Aside from the endorphin high, light exercise also helps relieve uncomfortable period symptoms by decreasing inflammation, improving blood flow, and relieving bodily tension. 

What’s more - and our alumni TNT challengers will know this first hand - practising the discipline to get out there and get it done, even when we’re not feeling our best, is one of the most effective mood lifters!

Keep in mind, even though you might not feel your best while doing your (light) exercise, you’re still getting after it! And that's something you should be proud of. 

Whatever works for you, be it a gentle yoga flow, a low-intensity resistance workout, or even just a walk in the fresh air, just getting your body active and moving is a win. 

Avoid resorting to sugary or fatty comfort foods

We know that it’s probably not what you want to hear, but following a balanced diet is key to offsetting pain and discomfort caused by periods. We also recommend lowering your sodium intake, as your body will naturally retain more water and overconsumption of salty foods can lead to increased cramping and bloating - not something we need right now!


So, as much as it may feel against your best interest, it’s best to avoid sugar and processed foods and instead eat plenty of fibrous vegetables. Forget the calorie counting when it comes to your leafy greens - get as much goodness in as you can, and your body will thank you!

If you are craving something sweet to help get you through, we recommend opting for a herbal tea or a few squares of dark chocolate. Steph’s go-to is Sleepytime tea - not sponsored, just an all-time fave!

Most importantly, listen to your body. If it’s telling you that you need to rest, then it’s important to do so. Every woman experiences different symptoms and will therefore feel up to different levels of activity - and that’s ok! But if it’s just a matter of not really feeling in the mood, we urge you to get up and at least go for a walk. You will feel so much better, we promise!