Trim, Tone, or Build: Which goal is right for you?

Choosing a goal is an important step in your health and fitness journey. While it might not be easy, choosing a goal allows us to provide you with the tools needed to achieve your desired result.

If you're confused about what exactly these goals are or what they mean, we've put together a little summary of what to expect.

NOTE: When choosing your goal, your workouts will remain the same. What changes are your nutritional targets and step goal.




This goal is perfect if you are interested in losing weight and reducing your body fat! To achieve this goal, your calories will be calculated to achieve a moderate deficit, meaning you will be burning more energy than consuming.

This goal is not ideal if you want to significantly increase your lean muscle mass.

Step Goal = 10,000 per day 



This goal has your calories calculated at a mild deficit. This is ideal for steady fat loss while preserving as much lean muscle as possible. While your muscle mass is unlikely to increase dramatically on this goal, you will tone your physique and create muscle definition through a combination of training and nutrition.

If you have still have weight to lose, are unsure of your main goal (lose weight or build muscle), or are transitioning between Trim and Build, Tone will be your primary goal.

 Step Goal = 8,000 per day 



Build has been calculated to place you in an optimal calorie surplus. This means you will be consuming slightly more than you burn in order to provide you with the fuel you need for muscle growth.

When in a surplus, please note that your measurements and weight are very likely to increase slightly - this is all part of the process! We recommend that you stay in a surplus for a minimum of 8 weeks to achieve results. 

Step Goal = 6,000 per day