How Your Morning Routine Can Set You Up For Success

You’ve probably been seeing a lot about morning routines on social media lately. Having a solid morning routine can boost your mood and give you more energy during the day, reduce stress, increase your productivity levels, and make you feel better overall.

It also allows you to start your morning with intention, rather than letting the day run away from you. This positive feeling of being on top of things results in a positive feeling and effect on your entire day. When you take time to fill up your cup before the demands of the day get in the way, you’re more likely to have the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to tackle the challenges that each day brings.

Joel and Steph explain further:


1. Start the night before

This tip is technically not part of a morning routine, but it is key to ensuring your morning routine sticks. Write a to-do list the night before and prioritise your tasks in order of importance so that you know what needs to be done the following day. Not only does this help you get clear on what you need to accomplish, but it can also help to reduce overthinking at night when you’re trying to sleep. Speaking of sleep, getting quality sleep is essential to starting your mornings off right! Ensure that you have a healthy bedtime routine and that you are avoiding technology for 2 hours before bed, especially social media.

2. Set your wake-up time and stick to it!

The secret to starting your morning off right is to get up as soon as your first alarm goes off. We know it’s tempting, but DO NOT hit that snooze button! While you may intend to only get five more minutes of sleep, hitting snooze can quickly become a half hour. The more time you have in the morning, the more time you have to create a productive routine. 

3. Make your bed

While it might seem insignificant, this is an essential part of a good morning routine. Just by making your bed, you've already accomplished one thing for the day. This simple task lets you begin your morning with a small success that will encourage many more throughout the day!

4. Rehydrate

When we sleep, we actually lose fluid and wake up in a dehydrated state, so it’s important to replenish those lost fluids. Rehydrating is a crucial component of a great morning routine because when you feel good, you’re more focused and, as a result, more productive. We recommend starting your day with 1L of water, especially before you reach for that cup of coffee!

5. Move your body

Whether you do a workout, go for a walk or just run around getting the kids ready, starting your day with movement will help you set yourself up for success. Implementing movement in your morning routine can help you gain mental clarity and improve focus, feel a sense of accomplishment, and boost your metabolism and energy levels for the day. It can also help you make better nutrition choices throughout the day!

6. Meditate

Now, we know that a lot of you will probably say that you don’t have time for this in the mornings but meditation doesn’t need to be hours long. It can literally be a couple of minutes! Use this time to think about what you are grateful for and to set your intentions for the day before you get thrown into the busyness of the day.

7. Dress to impress and feel good

Even if you work from home like Joel and Steph, putting some effort into your presentation can make you feel better about yourself and in turn result in better productivity and work quality throughout the day.

8. Make a nourishing breakfast and tackle your day!

To fuel your inspiration and start your day off right, prepare a healthy breakfast with ingredients that make you feel good. If you’re low on time, a quick protein smoothie or overnight oats are great options!



Bonus tip: Take a cold shower! While it’s not for everyone, starting your day with a cold shower can have some amazing benefits, such as:

  • Improving your immunity and circulation
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving your mood
  • Relieving muscle soreness

Whether you’re looking to maximise the start of your days, organise your mornings, make time for what’s important, or simply feel more in control of your schedule, creating a solid morning routine that’s designed for your lifestyle can help you get there!