“I just don’t have time”, a phrase we hear all too often!
A full schedule and many responsibilities can make fitting in exercise a very difficult task. But you are not alone!

There are tools you can use to help overcome this issue. Tools that when used give you the best chance to get started and stop that gym bag from sitting in the back of the car for too long.
Here are some of our suggestions to help you along your way!

Plan and Schedule

A simple first step, but a very important one, plan ahead.

Invest in a form of organisation that works for you, it could be the calendar on your phone, a paper diary, or even a schedule on the fridge. Whatever it is, it has to serve you and your lifestyle.

Once per week, set aside time to sit down and figure out when you can get your workouts done effectively. Perhaps you go to bed an hour earlier so you can wake up earlier for your exercise, or maybe you drive past a gym at a particular time of day that makes it convenient to stop in and work on your goals.

But also plan your other weekly commitments, this can help you see when you might be more tired, or when you have some free time you perhaps didn’t know you had.

Working out is a task worth prioritising! You and your body are worth it!

Prepare ahead of time

Being prepared ahead of time is a great way to ensure that when the time comes to exercise, there is less in your way to getting started!

If you workout later in the day, pack your bag first thing in the morning. If you workout in the morning, have your space setup before you go to bed. This helps take a step out of the way for when it comes to the time to exercise.

It will also help you fight off any demotivating thoughts, as the time between thinking about exercising, and actually exercising is minimised.

Get a workout buddy

Socialising is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. And not something you should cut out from your schedule, no matter how busy you may be.
But what if we were to combine our social time, with our exercise time? This combines two essential parts of our schedule into one convenient activity.

Getting a workout buddy and catching up while you break a sweat together is a great way to increase motivation, and improve your enjoyment of the time you are spending working out.

It also helps keep you more accountable! As you are scheduling with your workout buddy and keeping each other on track. 

Make exercise work for you

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it as convenient for you as possible!

If you finish work late in the day, visiting a gym that is a long way away is not an efficient use of your time. Look to train closer to home, or places you find yourself frequently in to make it more convenient. Or you might even prefer to workout at home.

If you’re the type to get your workout done first thing in the morning, set an alarm to ensure you’re up with plenty of time to complete it. Don’t put it off or hit snooze, as you’ll lose the time you’ve put aside for your exercise. If you’re struggling to wake up, try getting to bed a little earlier.

It’s all about finding what works for you, and how exercise can fit easily into your life. 

Work smarter, not harder. Take charge of your time and try incorporating these time-saving tips into your lifestyle.