If you are new to starting your fitness journey, in most cases your goal is probably weight loss. What most people don’t realise is tracking your progress using scales might be one of the worst decisions to track your progress.

Weight Loss: Beyond The Scale 

Often we can get caught up on the numbers that are displayed on the scales, no matter your fitness goals. The scales can either help or hinder your progress. If you feel motivated by using scales as one way to help track progress, you should continue using the scales as a means. However, if you are obsessive over the numbers and disappointed when the scales don’t show the numbers you’d hoped for, it might be time to ditch the scales. What they don’t show is an increase in muscle mass, which weighs heavier than fat. Here’s some of the other ways to track your progress you have made in your fitness journey. 

Take progress photos

The number one way to measure your progress is by taking progress photos. In all of our programs, we encourage our community members to track their weekly progress with photos. We can often be our worst critics and when you don’t see any numbers move on the scale, photos don’t lie. 

Use a tape measure 

A tape measure is another great way to track your physical changes without using the scales. Whether your goal is to gain mass or lose fat, the tap measure can be a great too Test your fitness levels

Re-testing your one rep max lifts or completing a fitness test will show you just how far you’ve come in terms of an increase in strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Try on old clothing 

Not only is trying on new clothing a great way to physically see your changes, it’s also a great way to set yourself a challenge to be able to fit into a clothing by a target date. We commonly see our community members who participate in our 8 week Ultimate Transformation Challenge set themselves a goal of fitting back into their favourite item of clothing and the results are astonishing. 

Track your new healthy habits

Instead of focusing on your physical changes, focus on the newfound changes. Are you managing stress better, or getting a better night's sleep? Your progress can be measured in many other aspects of your life, other than physical changes. 

To be successful in reaching your fitness goals, you need to understand that the scales do not define you. There are so many ways to track your progress and create life-long healthy habits. Fitness shouldn’t be a job - you should use fitness to feel good.


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