Why you should STOP focusing on the future

Gratitude and Mindfulness: The key to a fulfilling transformation journey 

We so often focus on the future when pursuing our goals, either by trying to rush the process or find shortcuts.

Don’t get us wrong, having a goal is important, really important! But spending too much time focusing on it can lead to resenting where you are in the present and maybe even feeling dissatisfied with your accomplishments so far. All this does is dampen your motivation levels.

It’s important to come back to a present state of mind, so you can appreciate the journey and acknowledge our achievements along the way!

This week, we’re focusing on how you can practise gratitude and mindfulness to shape a balanced and positive attitude towards your health and fitness transformation.


Practising gratitude

Research shows that grateful people experience higher levels of personal growth and self-acceptance, as well as greater life purpose and perceived control over their environments. 

You can do this each day by:

  • Writing down two or three things you are grateful for
  • Telling a friend or a loved one why you’re grateful for them
  • Acknowledging the challenges of the day and appreciate how they fuel your growth


Practising mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply moment-to-moment awareness of thought and feeling without attachment or judgment, becoming grounded in the NOW. Benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, increasing resilience, boosting concentration and more! 

You can do this each day by:

  • Tuning into your breathing
  • Noticing your emotions and thoughts without dwelling on them or being reactive
  • Being conscious of the physical sensations in your body

Whether it’s in the gym, at work, or at home, the value of having a positive frame of mind when pursuing our goals cannot be understated. 

Purposefully setting aside time each day to practise gratitude and mindfulness allows you to appreciate how far you’ve come rather than focus on what you have yet to achieve, helping to fuel an optimistic mindset and the motivation to keep pushing forward!

Transformation is more than just the body. It's all about mind, body and soul - and focussing on one without the others will never lead to ultimate transformation success. 

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