The Biggest Exercise Myths Busted

Alright, guys! Let's cut through the workout confusion and get you on the right track. We want to keep things real and make sure you're not falling for some common fitness fibs. Whether you're just starting or levelling up, being in the know is key. So, ditch the myths and embrace the facts.

Fib #1: Mornings Are The Best Time To Train

Forget the hype about morning workouts being the holy grail. The real deal? Anytime works, just pick what fits in with your daily routine. Whether you're up bright and early or shaking with energy in the evening, the key is consistency. Make work outs a habit, and you will be on the right track to maintaining your wellbeing. And hey, it also means you can sleep in guilt free. 

Fib #2: Spot Reduce Training

Spot training is certainly not the secret ingredient for shedding fat. No matter how many crunches or sit-ups you throw in, your body decides where to trim down, not you. So, if you're thinking those sit-ups will give you an instant six-pack, think again. Instead try and mix it up with some weight training to gradually lose weight and tone up that entire bod. As the saying goes, it’s all in moderation. 

Fib #3: If You Stop Working Out Your Muscle Turns Into Fat

Let's talk straight – muscles and fat are completely different tissues in your body and they don't swap houses. What can happen instead is your muscles can shrink if you’re not putting in consistent effort to workout. On the other hand if you’re eating more calories than what your body needs on a regular basis, the excess energy from those calories is converted into triglycerides that are stored in fat cells, increasing your overall fat percentage. 

Fib #4: The More Sweat The Better

Sweat doesn't measure how hard you're working out; please remember that. It's your body's natural cooling down response, if we want to get fancy homeostasis, not a calorie counter. Believe it or not you can actually burn calories without breaking a sweat. So, next time you're not drenched after a workout, don't stress! 

Fib #5: It’s Best To Workout On An Empty Stomach

This fib may go hand-in-hand with our first myth “Mornings are the best time to train”, the truth is that hitting the gym on an empty stomach won't fast-track your weight loss. Your body needs fuel for the workout, and going hungry might leave you running on fumes. If eating before training works for you and your goals go for gold! We do recommend keeping it light to avoid any digestive issues or the dreaded stitch!


Get Trimmed & Toned

In conclusion, let's break free from the exercise myths that have been holding us back and focus on what truly works for a healthier, fitter you. Now, if you're ready to spice up your fitness routine. Jump into our 4-week free challenge, tailor-made to amp up your journey, especially during these quieter months. Interested? 

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