6 Ways to Develop a Healthy Mindset

We’ve spoken about the power of everyday habits in developing a healthy lifestyle. Well, the development of a healthy mindset is no different! Having a healthy mindset is the difference between success and failure, and your perception is a key player in this. 

What do we mean by that? 

What we mean is that at the end of the day, it’s how you see yourself, your life, and your progress that counts. Believe it or not, no one is looking at every aspect of your life and judging whether you’re a success or not; at the end of the day, you’re the one who makes the call! 

Not only that but your perception is reflected in the world around you. Your frame of mind dictates your perception of the environment, which in turn, affects how you see and interact with the world. 

Your mind is like a garden, it needs to be tended to, watered, and soiled. So let's chat about some of the positive habits you can practice to develop the mindset for success! 

1. Journal and brain dump

Journaling is both calming and cathartic and is a powerful tool to clarify what’s going on in your head by getting it down on paper! This helps you to observe and better understand the habits of your mind. It may draw attention to unhelpful thought patterns that are unreasonable or unrealistic, allowing you to make a conscious shift in the way you think.

Journaling is fantastic because it can be done at any point in the day. It doesn't need to be done at any particular time or setting to be effective - simply make yourself comfortable, become aware of the present moment, and write! 

Don't be alarmed by any of the thoughts that pour onto the page. Let them roll through, free of judgement. Better out than in, as they say!


2. Have an attitude of gratitude 

Forming an attitude of gratitude is another exercise in perspective. Most of us would agree that we have a lot to be grateful for. But the reality is that despite the luxuries and conveniences our modern lives give us, we all face hardships from time to time.

Feeling the lows of life is normal but those feelings mustn’t become our default emotions. By choosing a mindset of gratitude, you’re actively shining a light on the ever-present positives in life, allowing you to feel more hopeful, joyful and motivated, no matter what your present life situation is. 

All you have to do is take some time to reflect and write, whether it be on your phone or on paper, some of the things you’re grateful for. This is an act of celebration, so take your time, and appreciate the things parts of life you love! 

Believe it or not, regularly practising gratitude helps you to achieve your goals! Reflecting on life's positives allows us to feel closer and more connected to others and more in control of how we exist within our environment, helping us to stay motivated and sustain our efforts at self-improvement!

3. Check in with yourself

While it's good to understand what triggers negative emotions or critical thoughts, the goal of this exercise is to become the observer of feelings and thoughts, not the investigator. Be careful not to put too much energy into ‘why am I feeling this way’ or judge yourself with ideas like ‘I shouldn't be thinking like this!’. 

Instead, form the habit of checking in and simply noticing what’s going on in your mind and remind yourself that whatever you’re feeling is okay. If the negative self-talk or critical thoughts become overwhelming, recognise that these thoughts come from a place of fear and judgement, not a place of truth! 


4. Have self-compassion

It's important that we be kind to ourselves. Simple acts of kindness from a stranger can make all the difference when we’re having a bad day, and sometimes we just need to be that person for ourselves! 

If you’re not feeling at your best, give yourself the space to do some self-care. Whether it be spending time alone, reading a book, or doing some exercise, ensure that you do what brings you joy and fills your cup - not just what you feel like you should be doing.

5. Always make time to unplug

Overuse of social media can be extremely energy exhaustive, and spending too much time communicating online can easily cut into time that should be spent resting. 

While our devices help us to feel connected with others, be mindful of the fact that it's easy to get sucked into spending too much time on them. Remember that what people publish on social media are just the highlights, so don't spend time comparing your life to what you see online! 

6. Live an active lifestyle

It's no secret that the benefits of an active lifestyle are second-to-none in fortifying our physical and mental wellbeing. By setting goals, creating a plan, and putting your intentions into action, we actively grow and transform into the best possible version of ourselves. 

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