How Your Body Type Impacts Your Training

Since the 1940s, the world has been captivated by the idea that our complex, mysterious and endlessly complicated human bodies can be grouped into 3 categories: 

Endomorph. Mesomorph. Ectomorph. 

These somatotypes were originally theorised as a sort of psychological indicator, suggesting that the human body shape and physique type were directly associated with personality traits. While this theory has been widely discredited on the psychological side of things, society’s tendency to group our bodies into these body composition categories remains. 

In reality, the characteristics of all three of these body types function on a spectrum that we fluctuate between, all of which are dependent on numerous factors such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Why is this important? Because knowing the natural tendencies of your body will help you discover what suits your individual needs in terms of nutrition and fitness planning and allow you to work with your body, not against it. 

So, rather than treating these categories as a life sentence that defines how you think about your body, let's go over how your body type affects how you train, recover, build, and trim as you work to achieve your goals! 


The 3 main body types explained

1. Ectomorphs 

Someone who classifies as an ectomorph tends to be thin and struggles to put on or maintain weight as muscle or fat. We all know that person - that skinny friend who seems to eat nonstop and never puts on any weight. Even when someone with this body type manages to put on weight, they’re always fighting against the clock of their super-fast metabolism! 

Despite these characteristics, people with this body type can still build strength. Through structured training and a focus on dietary requirements, ectomorphs can be every bit as fit and healthy as their endo or mesomorphic counterparts! 

2. Mesomorphs

The mesomorph is the sort of ‘middle child’ of the body types. Usually characterised by a thinner waist, broad shoulders and fuller muscles, these are the types that enjoy a natural tendency towards fitness and are usually more athletically inclined. 

So does this mean a mesomorph can get away with doing no exercise and eating whatever they want? Heck no! The benefits of balanced nutrition and exercise apply to all body types, as do the negatives of an unhealthy lifestyle! Mesomorphs should still follow a regimen of consistency and self-improvement - there’s always something that can be transformed! 


At the far end of the spectrum we have our endomorphs. These are the people who gain weight easily and struggle to keep it off. They tend to be a bit heavier set, with a wider build than their two counterparts such as wide hips, a thick ribcage and shorter limbs. They may have more muscle mass than both of the other body types but will not easily attain it without an accompanying layer of body fat. 

Make no mistake, this doesn't mean that an endomorph is any less healthy - it's simply the way that their body is composed. Because of the prevalent muscle mass, mesomorphs often find themselves excelling in strength training scenarios such as powerlifting. But when it comes to trimming down, endomorphs are in for some hard work! 

What does my body type mean for me? 

Research shows that consistent, habitual lifestyle changes that involve physical training and diet have a strong influence on body composition. These changes take time and consistency, which can be discouraging at times. We all want a quick fix - but the time and effort are a worthy investment in your long-term health and self-confidence!

Whether you like your body type or not, acceptance is one of the first steps to success. Your body type is something that makes you unique as an individual, and you shouldn't feel the need to fight against it!

Instead, focus on what you CAN control. Small, incremental changes will have you thinking and feeling your best in no time. Stay consistent and accountable with balanced nutrition, a positive mindset, and a training program that you love. 


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