Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or simply new to the TNT program, getting started can be daunting. For maximum results, we recommend two cardiovascular sessions per week to complete your full training regime. This can be performed outdoors and preferably fasted before Meal 1 on your specific cardio day. The key to fitness is to choose something that you ENJOY and that you’ll want to do.

CARDIO 101 with TNT

WHAT IS IT? Cardio is exercise that elevates your heart rate - it can be long, slow activity such as walking or cycling, or it can be short, intense activity that leaves you breathless. Your choice of cardio should be dependent on four factors:

  • Convenience: Choose an activity that you can do regularly and make it convenient. For example, don’t commit to swimming if you don’t have access to a swimming pool.
  • Preference: The best cardio workout is the one you’ll do consistently. Pick an activity that you’re excited to do.
  • Physical limitations: Take into consideration your personal health history. If you are prone to joint injuries, we would advise avoiding high impact cardio options such as running or basketball. Instead, consider low-impact cardio activities such as swimming or cycling.
  • Time: Choose a cardio activity that you know will fit into your schedule.

WHEN DO I DO IT? While some people wake at the crack of dawn to lace up their running shoes, the thought of a workout before noon has others avoiding it altogether! While morning is preferred as we do recommend fasting before a cardio session, you should try to base your decision on what suits you and your lifestyle.

Instead of focusing too much on what time of day you should workout, put your energy towards establishing a routine and maintaining it. Overall, consistency is what matters for getting the most benefit from a fitness routine!

HOW LONG DO I DO IT? The duration of your cardio is dependent on the activity to choose to do! Refer to your Training program for options. For example: Crosstrainer (45 minutes) Spin Class (30 minutes) Skipping rope (20 minutes) Brisk Walk (1 hour)

WHY DO I DO IT? Cardio helps to kickstart your fitness journey by burning fat, improving your metabolism, enhancing sleep quality, lowering stress levels, and strengthening your heart and lungs.

By challenging and strengthening your cardiovascular system, you increase your capacity to take in oxygen, pump blood to the working muscles, and clear carbon dioxide and other waste products from your system. As your heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood, your resting heart rate slows and reduces the stress on your most vital muscle!

Ultimately cardio helps your heart and lungs to function better both during exercise and at rest.

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