Egg-Cellent Tips To Help Stay On Track This Easter

Do you have trouble staying on track around easter time? We get it. This is the time of year you might catch up with your family, or you could be a parent with children and you have endless amounts of chocolate stocked up in your household. Easter can be one of those times you can overdo it easily unfolding some of your fitness progress. Never fear - you can still enjoy yourself, while also staying on track with these tips.

Planning Ahead

If you’re catching up with family, the best way to stick to a regime is to plan ahead. If you know you’re socialising in a lunch or dinner setting, you can plan a healthy bbq and sweet treats in advance. 

Stay Active 

If you know you’re going to indulge in more chocolates this year and you still want to feel good and not stack on weight, it’s all about a balancing act. 

Calories In (calories you get from the foods you eat) vs Calories Out (energy your body uses) = Energy Balance

The formula means if you’re going to eat more calories, you need to burn more energy to maintain the balance. 

Easter is a great time to enjoy a long weekend and get outdoors. Whether it’s a walk near your house, a bike ride at the beach, or a hike on trails. Getting outdoors is a great way to socialise with your family members and get them involved too. Make it a fun occasion to hang out together. The extra cardio can also help burn those extra calories. That’s what we call a win-win!

Quality Over Quantity 

It can be easy to fall into a chocolate coma with mindless eating. When we’re selecting chocolates, it’s important to choose quality over quantity. If you have a favourite chocolate, pick one or two of those chocolates.

Remember, you don’t have to have chocolate, just because it’s a ‘tradition’

Be mindful of your portions and the chocolates you choose. Keep the treats for one morning or afternoon only where you’re not going to be picking at chocolate all day.

Say Goodbye To Guilt

Remember, you can still have a chocolate or two without undoing all of your progress. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and don’t forget the true meaning of Easter - enjoying a well deserved break and spending valuable time with your family and friends. The social benefits of enjoying Easter by far outweigh eating an extra chocolate bunny. 

At The Natural Transformer, we are all about implementing a healthy lifestyle. The worst thing you could do is avoid Easter completely to avoid a few extra calories. Staying consistent over the long term how you’re going to get results, not by restricting yourself. If you fall off the wagon unintentionally, it’s not going to un-do all of your progress. What matters most is how you get back on track.

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