7 Tips for Exercising Without a Gym

Going to the gym isn't the only way to get in a great workout! 

Working out at home can be efficient and effective, saving you time, money and energy. All you need are the necessary tools!

Now when we say tools, do we mean having the very best in equipment, machines or workout apps? NOPE! We’re here to tell you that all you need to get a great workout is a program or routine that you love and a mindset that's set to succeed! 

So let's get into some hot tips about how to get the most out of your workouts without the need for the gym! 

Set the stage for your workout

Creating the appropriate environment to do your workout is one of the most essential parts of a good home exercise routine. Let's face it - it's hard to recreate the atmosphere of an entire gym - but by fleshing out the aspects of the gym that make it such a great place to workout, you can create an environment that's just as effective in firing up your motivation! 

This means creating a purposeful space - setting the intention for the space you choose to be nothing but your workout zone until you are finished. 

Set it up with everything you need before you begin. This may include hand weights, exercise bands, or even just a towel and a water bottle! 

It's important to construct the workout zone in this way so that you don't have to break the focus of your workout mindset to go searching for one thing or another once you begin. 

Keep it consistent

Keeping a regular schedule will help you to stay accountable whilst training at home.  Setting a time to train and sticking to it will allow you to practise the invaluable discipline skills that will be necessary throughout the duration of your fitness journey. Whatsmore, establishing a routine will be a great asset in helping you create a focused training environment. 

Get a fitness partner

There's nothing like an accountability buddy to help you keep focused on your goals, and make things more fun! Invite over a friend and get creative with your workout. Think of different ways to target the areas you want to hit, and push the boundaries with one another! This is a great way to get into the work that you like the least - with a friend there helping you to check all the boxes and push the limit! 

If they can’t come over, fire up a friendly competition anyway! Keep each other accountable and let each other know when you’ve ticked off your workout for the day. Neither one of you will want to be left behind, so this is a great push to get you into doing some exercise for the day.

Be mindful of the things that ruin your good habits 

Be mindful of the things that feed your procrastination and desire to skip a workout, such as scrolling on your phone, getting stuck on the couch watching tv, even prioritising other tasks in your day. Minimise these distractions and manage your time effectively so you can get more out of your day without the need to sacrifice your exercise!

Quality over quantity - watch your technique

One benefit of going to the gym is having gym instructors present to guide you - a measure of safety in what can be a bit of a chaotic environment. This doesn’t mean home workouts aren’t safe or effective, just be sure to take precautions if doing lifts or movements that are out of your comfort zone! 

Don't forget to make it FUN!

The best routine is one that you can stick to. Just because you’re not going to the gym doesn't mean you can't have a fun and intense workout! Decide on the pace and intensity of your exercise routine, add in some movements that are more challenging or that you want to improve on (for that feeling of accomplishment!), and be sure to include at least one or two components that are purely for enjoyment. This may be weight training or some boxing or a run, the choice is yours! 

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